Plants and Feng Shui in the Office

meditation frogWe’ve known for some time that keeping indoor plants in our living and working spaces improves our mental and physical health.

Plants improve our concentration and make us more productive. They generate happiness and make us smile. They reduce stress and improve relationships, and give us more energy so we can perform our daily tasks better. They help us retain information, heal faster, and lower our heart rate and blood pressure.

When combined with the benefits of feng shui, plants shine!

Feng shui is the ancient practice of using shapes and forms to influence our sense of well-being. Based on the eight cardinal directions that represent different aspects of life, we can use the living energy of plants to achieve certain goals around the office:

Boost Energy. Because plants are living, breathing beings they bring life to an otherwise still environment.

Balance Energy Levels. In feng shui there are areas associated water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. Plants boost the energy level associated with wood (e.g. office desks) and can weaken an area associated with water (less wasted time around the water fountain perhaps?).

Improve Relationships. In an office environment, we can’t always choose with whom we spend the majority of day. The feng shui of office flowers and flowering plants can boost the good energy in relationships to produce a more harmonious environment.

Learn Faster. Science has proven that plants increase learning. Feng shui suggests that the “lucky bamboo” when placed four at a time in an area can increase learning abilities that help workers perform better.

To learn more about increasing your office success with plants and Feng Shui, we suggest reading more from The Spruce or talk with one of our plant experts here at Plantique.