Plants For A Better Life

The triangle within the borders of Palm Beach, westward to Naples and north to Tampa have experienced a very dry winter. Outdoor gardeners collectively have their fingers crossed that some rain will soon provide needed relief. At Plantique, we’ve paid special attention to keeping our outdoor potted and patio plants moist and healthy, while our indoor plantscapes are oblivious to the near-drought conditions.

waterscapeRegardless of the weather, we encourage the use of plants throughout each season in order to lift our spirits and improve our environment. Here in south Florida there are more than a few reasons to add more plants to the spaces where live and work. Here’s a few of our favorites…

Drought Tolerant Eco-Plants

For outdoor plantscapes, we look for a mindful mix of plants that are tolerant of our usual wet summers and dry winters. This time of year the Aloe, Bird of Paradise, Bismarck Palm, and Bromeliads are happily providing brilliant colors and greenery to outdoor and indoor spaces while cleaning and purifying the surrounding environment.

Green Walls

For green walls, we look to blended gardens of edibles or ornamentals with annuals, perennials, succulents, and tropicals. These cooling and air-cleaning walls of green cut down on air conditioning costs and can provide an endless supply of greens for restaurateurs, hospital and hotel kitchens, or for simple salad greens at home.

Water Features

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of water in the garden. Garden fountains are beneficial for stress relief and relaxation in commercial building lobbies and entrances, office gardens, and patio spaces. Small fountains provide a natural humidifier for plants, drown out annoying sounds, and release negative ions to further purify the air in indoor spaces.