Living Walls of the World

When it comes to using plants on the vertical spaces of buildings to help clean the air, Taipei leads the way. One of the first green wall concepts in Asia was built by companies that specialized in sustainable waste disposal and green energy and their vertical garden helped to camouflage a landfill site. Since then, the architecture has soared! The smog-eating Tao Zhu Tower, a twisting double helix of 40 luxury condos is the latest. Its 23,000 trees and shrubs will absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide per year.Tao Zhu Tower

Bogota has embraced the green wall concept throughout their airport, restaurants, hotels and offices. It’s said that the 8-story Santalaia in Bogota could be the second largest green wall project in the world. read more »Santalaia

Designed by a French botanist, Patrick Blanc, the Musée du Quai Branly is a must-see museum for American tourists who visit the nearby Eiffel Tower. The living wall is 650 ft. by 40 ft. and covers the entire north side of the facade. learn more »Branly Museum

In Italy, the residents living in 63 unique living spaces in the Treehouse Apartments in Turin are protected from smog and noise pollution with multiple terraces containing over 150 trees. There are 50 more trees in the court garden to help create the “perfect microclimate” inside the building. read more »HT italy urban treehouse

The living wall at the University Claustro de Sor Juana in Mexico City is one of our favorites. Beautifully designed free-form art pairs with a touch of whimsy—a bicycle defying gravity. learn more »Mexico City

Whether referred to as green walls or living walls, the plants and flowers that thrive in the wall systems provide benefits beyond the aesthetics:

  • Overall wellbeing and happiness
  • Natural air filtration in their walls
  • Removal of harmful volatile organic compounds
  • Air and noise pollution filters
  • Thermal regulation

Studies indicate that hospitals with living walls have faster patient recovery rates, office spaces have fewer employee complaints and fewer sick days, and homes are more peaceful and wall hospital

Living wall by Pat For ideas for your home or office, or to view more spectacular walls around the world, visit Pinterest, search term: living walls

Finally, here’s the living wall we have in our reception area at Plantique. Come visit!